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I. Music Videos

II. Performance Videos

III. Documentary Videos

  1. I. Music Videos

    Pair your new single with a distinct video look that will capture the vibe of the track and your personality as an artist.

    We take the time to listen to your music and develop an original idea, as opposed to creating a cookie-cutter music video.

  2. II. Performance Videos

    Every artist needs a recording of a live show performance. We take the same enthusiasm we have for music videos and apply it to our performance videos.

    We will not just show up and press record on our camera. We will try to create something different that ties into the show.

  3. III. Documentary Videos

    Documentaries can vary in length and scope, and are used to highlight aspects of an artist's life and music.

    We take themes from an artist's life or upcoming project to help guide the events and moments we record and portray.


Meet to plan the video details.
Our office or yours. We don't bite.

Schedule a date for filming.
We'll bring the camera, you bring the swag.

Slice and dice the footage.
Editing is easy. Good editing is not.

  1. I. Pre-Production

    The first step is the concept. After receiving your track, we will come up with an idea or several, and pitch them to you in person.

    After agreeing on a concept, we get to the specifics, and determine and schedule the necessary components to complete the vision.

  2. II. Filming

    Depending on the length of the shoot, this could day several hours or several days. We will travel to the locations and direct the shots we need.

    We are prompt and stick to a tight schedule. Our shot list keeps us on track, and makes sure we're not wasting your time or ours.

  3. III. Editing

    Our program of choice is Premiere Pro and After Effects, which we use to apply precision and care in editing each shot we have captured.

    We take editing as seriously as the concept and the filming to create a wholly-realized finished product.


I. Feel Like I Do

II. MME Halloween

III. August 9th, 2012

IV. Pyrex

V. Rap F##ked Up

VI. 80-D

  1. I. Feel Like I Do

    WhiteOut featuring Tef Poe performing Feel Like I Do, from the Kush & Kung Fu mixtape. Music video.
    Client WhiteOut. | Year 2012

  2. II. MME Halloween

    Mvstermind Einstein joins forces with AtM in this Halloween special. Performance video.
    Client MME. | Year 2012

  3. III. August 9th, 2012

    Tef Poe prepares for his headlining act at The Firebird. Documentary video.
    Client Tef Poe. | Year 2012

  4. IV. Pyrex

    Indiana Rome featuring Tef Poe performing Pyrex, from the Trillogy mixtape. Music video.
    Client Indiana Rome. | Year 2013

  5. V. Rap F##ked Up

    Tef Poe performing Rap F##ked Up, from The Hero Killer mixtape. Music video.
    Client Tef Poe. | Year 2013

  6. VI. 80-D

    Mvstermind featuring AtM, Sixela Yoccm, Ciej, and Lyrique performing 80-D, from the A.D.D. mixtape. Music video.
    Client Mvstermind. | Year 2013


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